Identity, campaign and exhibition design for London based bespoke women’s lingerie brand Follow My Tease.

If there is one thing Koalla understands and appreciates it’s beautifully designed women’s lingerie. All jokes aside this was quite a delicate and complex identity to visualise as it was our first creation for this particular sector of the fashion industry.

The brief was simple “create an identity that is provocative, seductive and empowering”. The company is small, very confident and personal with a very bold and loud message to the women that choose to ware their bespoke hand made luxury creations. It’s definitely not about quantity but quality for FMT.

Scope of work: Art direction, Logo, Stationery, Photography

After locking our selves in the studio for a week with many bottles of red wine and experimenting with many shapes and sizes and researching provocative shapes that had a direct sexual physiological effect on the Koalla’s mind we almost created the logo by compete accident whilst playing with some typographic forms but that’s a story for another time.

The logo is symbolic but has a direct informative connection to the name FMT. It is incredibly seductive, elegant and empowering whilst allowing the view to be intrigued and encapsulate by the erotically motivated shape, almost hypnotised by it.