We wanted to create branding for the project that would protest our frustration so we created our own authority in FTS. The film won Nora cup video of the 2019.

Two years in the making the film showcases a world class standard of bike riding mixed with an underlying story of modern society vs authority and how it can negatively collide with the innocent and positive act of bike riding. It’s a complex but lighthearted mix of scenarios and experiences and occasional confrontations with individual members of Authority trying to undermine what we were trying to achieve.
Scope of work: Research & conceptualisation, Writing project script and planning, Direction & filming, Editing & post-production, Website design & implementation, Packaging, Advertising & Printed matter, Premier & exhibition

- You knocked yourself out!

- Fuck, again?

To reach the highest sense of being, you have to push against your limitations and challenge your own perceptions of what is physically and psychologically possible.