IKI is an aesthetic medicine salon based in Vitoreia Spain Established in 2021.
With the arrival of aesthetic medicine, the union between health and beauty has been further reinforced. The brand offers cutting edge treatments and pioneering technologies to treat their customers. Koalla accepted the challenge of giving this new born ambitious company its visual personality, art direction, web design and marketing direction.
Sophistication and simplicity were at the top of the list for design qualities whilst bringing a technical elegance and presence to the branding.

The expressive fluid free flowing shape centralised between the rigid borders allowed us flexibility with a typographic logo whilst having a pictorial element. 

There is a futuristic edge to the shapes which represents the pioneering qualities within the services IKI offers. Now it’s one of the most recognisable logos within the aesthetic medicine market.

Scope of work: Art direction + Logo + Website + Marketing + Stationery