Branding for an established dermatology doctor Marie Estelle Roux. With an amazing reputation in her field of expertise she wanted to be visually better represented through the brand.

By Coincidence Dr. Roux’s initials are M.E and a big part of the services she offers are associated with perfection, superficiality, health and ultimately happiness for each individual so we started to focus on ME, me & Me as the branding. We developed the concept and finally came up with a logo that felt well balanced. We wanted it to feel bold and confident yet soft and sensitive whilst portraying an elegance and professionally that Estelle is accosted with.

It is a bold, warm, sharp and sensitive branding that makes ME look visually superior within the field of dermatologists. Our aim was to help Dr. Roux to represent her company and herself in a more modern and artistic manner that would make her more approachable.

Scope of work: Art direction, Branding, Website, Stationery, Photography, Video

We were asked to create custom, artistic imagery.
We decided that skin shapes, physical shapes and landscapes of earthy natural elements, will make a stronger visual impact.