A master of a new generation of stone artistry, redefining the old stereotypes of an an old fashioned timeless craft by breathing modernity, strength a fresh energy to the industry.

Identity for an acclaimed British Sculptor and stone mason Luke Middleton.

After spending some time at his studio and witnessing his clinical precision and elegance with such a robust and powerful material and his energetic approach to his work and life in general, inspired us to create an identity that sets him apart from any competitors within his industry not just locally but globally. Confident and modern with a fluidity set between a defined structure. The logo is the perfect mix of informative symbology and it’s bold futuristic stance elevates it off any background it is places within. The ability to play with colour, form, size and position were integral to its success as this will be his new masonry signature. It can be engraved, imprinted, stamped or burned, it’s versatility is almost infinite.

Scope of work: Art direction, Logo, Stationery, Photogrpahy, Website

The website is presented in a very minimal form, the informative aspect is almost secondary to the artistry allowing his work to do the talking. Taking the same visual language as the logo, we implemented the same characteristics into a very structured intuitive design making it very fluid to navigate and access everything effortlessly.